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“Alimony”, which is also called “spousal support,” is money paid by one spouse to the other spouse for support of the spouse who will be receiving the payment.  This support is separate from money paid by one spouse to the other spouse for care of the parties’ children (which is, not surprisingly, called “child support“).  Florida statutes require that a judge consider evidence and make findings concerning two (2) issues (which are sometimes called “super-criteria”) before considering any other factors to determine whether a spouse should be required to pay alimony. 

The first issue is whether one of the spouses has a need for support.  The second consideration is whether the other spouse has the ability to pay support.  The Court will consider these issues only after the property and debts of the parties have been divided.

Alimony may be temporary or permanent.  It may also be paid on a periodic basis or in one lump sum, or both.  Alimony is one of the most complicated aspects of family law and guidance from an attorney with experience in family law matters is critical in evaluating the need for, or requirement to pay, alimony. 

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