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The Will Nelson Law Firm

In family law cases there are three (3) categories of property (also referred to as “assets”): marital property, premarital property and separate property.  The debts (also referred to as “liabilities” or “obligations”) of the parties may also be categorized as premarital, marital and separate.   The Court is required to divide the marital property and marital debt of the couple seeking the divorce.  The type of property subject to division is unique to the family and the parties involved in the litigation but may include some, or all, of the following: bank accounts, investment accounts, furniture and home furnishings, real estate (including the marital home), vehicles, boats, collections (such as stamp, coin, art or other collectables) pension and retirement accounts, businesses and any other property or debt that was acquired, created or maintained by one or both parties during the marriage.

Florida law presumes that marital property and debts should be divided evenly.  There may be times, however where an uneven division of assets and liabilities may be appropriate. Every family law case must be evaluated based on the specific assets and liabilities of the parties. Some cases present property and debts that are reasonably easy to divide.  However, in cases where the Court is required to divide pension or retirement accounts, to evaluate and divide business interests, to apportion and assign interests and liabilities for real estate and to address other financial or investment transactions, the division of assets and liabilities can be complex.

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